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Godparent / Confirmation Sponsor Qualifications


Have You Been Asked to

Be a Godparent or

Confirmation Sponsor?

To become a Sponsor (also known as “Godparent”) at a Baptism or Confirmation, you must obtain a written Sponsorship Certificate from your parish.  At St. Anthony’s, it is a pre-requisite that the applicant be an active “parishioner-in-good-standing.”  This means that the applicant must be on the official parish roll and a regular envelope user if more than 21 years old.  Applicants between 18 and 21 must belong to an active, contributing family. 


Policy for Obtaining a Baptismal Godparent/Confirmation Sponsor Certificate


1.    The person seeking a Godparent/Confirmation Sponsor Certificate will contact the Parish Office with his/her request for a Certificate.


2.    The Parish Staff member who receives the contact will inform the person of this policy.


3.    Before the Pastor issues a Certificate the person requesting it must complete the Verification Form.


4.    The Verification Form is available at the Parish Office during regular hours of service.


5.    Once completed the Verification Form is returned to the Parish Office and relayed to the Pastor for review.


6.    The Pastor will sign the Verification Form which is affixed with the Parish Seal and kept on file in the Parish Office.


7.    The Pastor will sign the Godparent/Confirmation Sponsor Certificate which will then be issued to the person who has requested it.



Effective November 4, 2014